Happy Birthday to the Joy of Our Family

I wanted to have 6 children during my child-bearing years. The Lord in His infinite wisdom blessed me with three wonderful sons instead. I love children. I love being a mom. Children give us indescribable joy and make us feel unconditional love.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,

The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Psalm 127:3

Today, my youngest son turns another year older. We refer to him as babyboy, the joy in our family and God’s bonus to us. I had 2 miscarriages before him and 1 after him. He is a true survivor. The doctor told me to stop trying to have another child when I turned 35, to enjoy my sons and to look forward to have 3 daughters-in-law. The doctor said my body has suffered enough as we had to wait for 2 years every time I had miscarriage to try for another one. This is to heal and to strengthen the womb. I encourage women who have similar experience like mine to keep trying. If the baby is meant to be for you, he will grow to full term.

We call him babyboy as a term of endearment. Babyboy, one word, it doesn’t mean that he is still a baby. Terms of endearment are very normal in our family. My oldest son requested us to call him balong (my beloved son in our dialect) because he said he feels nice in his heart if we call him that instead of calling him by his name. My second son wanted to be different so doesn’t mind if we call him nakong (my beloved child in our dialect) so as to distinguish him from his older brother. My youngest son said, “I was born here so maybe you can call me with the English term for balong and nakong.” So we call him babyboy to denote that he is the youngest among the boys and that he is our beloved son.

In Jesus’ name, we speak life, good health, blessings, wisdom, joy, peace, strength, love and unwavering faith through all the days of your life, babyboy.

We might not be able to carry you now like we used to do but please be rest assured that your papa, your manongs (older brothers) and I will always be here for you in all seasons of your life. We love you and we are proud of you. We are cheering you on in everything you do. Be a blessing to those around you. Keep smiling!

I am sharing some childhood photos of our babyboy. He is very much loved.

You can hear my youngest son talking in this video:

Published by Zhen

I am Zhen. I am a Christian, a mother of 3 wonderful boys and an educator. My family and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am passionate about faith, motherhood, family, friendship and education. I am happy to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions to others. I enjoy writing, reading, listening to music and photography. I like watching dramas, ocean waves, sunrise and sunset. I can be a friend, a confidante and an adviser if you need one.

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