How to Cook Sweet Potato Chips

  • Hi! Today, I am writing the steps on how to cook sweet potato chips for those who prefer a sweeter version of chips for their morning or afternoon snack.
  • Wash the sweet potatoes (camote- in Filipino language) before peeling.
    Wash all fruits and vegetables before peeling or cooking. You never know what pesticides are used and how many hands had been handling the fruits and vegetables before they reached you.
  • Use sweet potatoes with red skin and white flesh for frying and boiling; use sweet potatoes with white skin and purple flesh for boiling; and use sweet potatoes with brown skin and orange flesh for baking.
  • Peel the camote thinly. Use a sharp knife or a peeler.
    Here’s a tip for the best camote to use. Camote with red peeling with white flesh (this is what I used) is the best for frying. Camote with white peeling with violet flesh is the best for cooking (like guinataan, tambo-tambong, bilo-bilo) or boiling.
  • Use a sharp knife to slice the camote.
    This is how it is done as shown. Use kitchen gloves so your hands won’t be stained with the camote sap (or juice). If you have no kitchen gloves, put cooking oil on your hands. Rub the oil on your hands like a lotion. This way, it would be easier to wash your hands.
  • Slice the camote this size. When cooked, the outside would be crispy and the inside would be soft. Slicing thinly would make the camote burn fast. The sweetness of the flesh won’t be tasted. Slicing it in a circle or round shape is for camote cue (you have to use skewer).
  • Slice the camote evenly.
    See to it that the size of the slices should be the same so that the camote will all be cooked at the same time.
  • Heat oil in a heavy-based pot.
    This would be economical on oil. The best is to use a deep fryer. It just takes 7 minutes or less to fry the camote.
  • When the oil is hot, put the camote into the pot.
    See to it that the camote will be fully immersed in oil. Don’t put more. The camote won’t be crispy. Deep fryer is the best option. The chips are fried in less than 7 minutes.
  • Be careful in turning the camote chips.
    If you keep turning, the camote would be broken into pieces. Wait for them to be brown on one side before turning to the other side. Use tongs. When the camote is golden brown, remove from the pot and put the next batch of camote to be fried.
  • Put the cooked camote on a plate with a paper towel.
    You can use a drainer or strainer to remove the excess oil from the chips.
    Fried camote chips. You can eat it like this or you can put sugar on it.
  • In a wok or big frying pan or a wide pot, dissolve some sugar in water.
    You can either use brown or white sugar.
  • Let the syrup thicken like this then put the fried camote in.
    Be very careful in stirring the camote chips.
  • Be careful in stirring the chips in.
    They break easily and they burn easily. So you have to mix quickly.
  • There you go. Sweet potato chips for you.
    Tadaaaa… Bon appetit! It is eaten as a dessert. Best served with coffee.
  • Now you know how to cook camote chips.
  • Here are some other photos of sweet potatoes cooked at different times.
    I cooked the white and the purple sweet potatoes. Both tasted delicious.

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