How to Preserve Fresh Lemon Juice for 6 Months

I drink lemon water every morning. And would you believe that I seldom buy lemons? It is because I have a steady supply of lemons from family and friends. If I ran out of lemons, someone would always give me kumquat (calamansi) as shown in the photo. How awesome is that! They always give me lots so I preserve them.

Here is a tip to preserve fresh lemon juice. Squeeze the juice fresh lemons. Put the juice in your ice tray/ice cube container. If they are frozen, place the frozen lemons in the ice container and form some more lemon cubes. Lemon juice is handy. You won’t have to be squeezing or juicing all the time. The frozen lemon juice can keep for 6 months. The nutrients are preserved too.

Add 4 to 5 pieces to one glass of warm water and drink on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Lemon water helps in having healthy skin, healthy digestive system, fast metabolism and lower blood pressure.

Drinking lemon water everyday gives you these benefits: boosts the immune system, aids digestion, cleanses the system, freshens breath, keeps skin blemish-free, helps lose weight, reduces inflammation, gives energy boost, helps fight viral infections, detoxifies and balances pH levels in the body.

Let us drink healthy drinks, everyone. We need to avoid sugary and carbonated drinks. Let’s drink more water. Try infused lemon water as shown in the photo.

To boost your metabolism, to have better skin and to improve your overall health, drink lemon water the moment you wake up in the morning. Add lemon juice or calamansi juice in one cup of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water means hot water that is cooled down, not hot water plus cold water. You can add honey too if you prefer a sweeter taste. Do this everyday and you will feel the difference.

Here is a cheap way to make your house smell nice. After you squeeze your lemon or calamansi, boil the lemon in a pot of water instead of throwing in the bin (garbage can). Allow it to boil at low fire and allow the smell to permeate in your home. It will absorb the bad smells (esp from cooking) from your curtains. Be careful though, all the water might dry up and your house will smell like burnt lemon. 🙂

To clean the microwave, boil the discarded squeezed lemons inside the microwave. Wipe the moisture inside the microwave using paper towels or microfiber cloth immediately. Voila`! Clean microwave without the use of harsh chemicals.

Here are some photos taken from our lemon tree this morning. They symbolize a new day, fresh start, zest for life, vibrancy, endurance, energy, stamina and resilience. Those adjectives are my wish for you today, dear family, friends and readers. May you find strength and hope each day. Take care always.


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