A Simple Act of Kindness that Multiplied

My second son is an independent, introvert, wise and quiet kid. He prefers to be the one giving care rather than him receiving care.

During the first month on his first year in university, the daughter of one of our closest friends told him that she will tour him around their campus since they go to the same school. She was in her senior year. My son agreed. When he came out of his classroom, she was in the corridor waiting for him.

She toured him around the campus, gave a brief description about every building and showed him the areas for studying, resting, socializing and eating. After the tour, they drove to the train station to pick up the girl’s brother so they could all go for lunch. It was the first time that my son ate Korean food. He ordered bibimbap. He was embarrassed because he said he was slow at eating. He was more embarrassed because the siblings were very patient in waiting for him to finish eating. After their meal, the girl drove my son to the train station so he can come home by train. Before they parted ways, the girl told my son that she is available to help him anytime. All he needs to do is just call her or send her a message.

My son came home and told us how grateful he was and how nice it felt that someone oriented him on a personal level on his first year in university. He said he will do this to other freshmen too so that they will feel what he felt when he was walking around the school campus with a senior and when he was treated to a meal.

So he did. Through the years, he met with his cousins and with our close friends’ children who just started university. He meets them in their school campus and treats them to a meal while listening to them they talk about their school campus, their transition from high school to university and their university life.

He treated Steph to a PappaRich meal while they talk about university life in Monash. He met Alastair for a meal at Mr Burger in Melbourne Central then they walked around Australian Catholic University. He treated Beulah for Sushi and Bubble Tea in Monash Caulfield. He met his younger brother for fish and chips at Monash University. Lately, he met Ryan for lunch at Your Thai restaurant and walked with him around his campus.

It is ironic that he met all these students in their school campus on their first year in university but he did not meet the brother of the girl who first toured him in uni. It is because the girl’s sibling’s uni is very far. It takes more than 2 hours and many train transfers to get there. He said he knows the younger sibling would understand him. He is sure they know how much he values them.

The reason I am sharing this story is because it shows that acts of kindness, no matter how little it may seem to the giver, means a lot to the receiver. Also, it is good to pay the kindess forward. Doing to others the goodness done to you multiplies.

So to the girl who my son chose to be his Manang Diana, thank you very much, nakong. What you did to my balong has been mirrored to others many times. This act of kindness that you did to him, he is doing to others through the years. We never know, the freshmen he treated to meal while listening to their stories, might do the same to the next generation of freshmen. You started a line of senior students helping freshmen settle into university life. What a nice legacy! (Btw, Manang is a filipino endearment for older sister. Nakong is my child. Balong is my son.)

This is the latest photo of the meal with his cousin. He doesn’t have photos of his shared meals with the others. He said he prefers to store the memories in his brain than in a phone camera. I guess this is normal for someone who is not into photos.

All the best to all university students.
May God bless you in your educational journey.
You can do it! Jiayou!


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I am Zhen. I am a Christian, a mother of 3 wonderful boys and an educator. My family and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am passionate about faith, motherhood, family, friendship and education. I am happy to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions to others. I enjoy writing, reading, listening to music and photography. I like watching dramas, ocean waves, sunrise and sunset. I can be a friend, a confidante and an adviser if you need one.

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